Symphony of our life

Our life is a beautiful musical instrument , a guitar , a sitar maybe a piano , its different for everyone , but no matter what is it, one thing is common , this instrument is produces magical songs , songs of harmony , individual notes produced by us , it can the happy G Chord of guitar or maybe the dark tone of E chord , and every note produced is beautiful , like one instrument every music instrument produces its very own beautiful sound , sound that have magic , just you need to control the strings to play your tone , and the magical sounds will start producing its magic , chances are everyone is struggling to learn their instrument , and are stuck somewhere , are trying hard but failing and even thinking to quit without giving the thought that everyone was born musical and that they are here to prove it,  slowly and slowly they overcome that chord and learn new ones and than use them to produce a elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, the symphony with everyone around them and the magical tones that were somewhat not showing their full powers are now producing magic , a magic that changes others life when they hear the tones  , and behind those tones their are beautiful stories to be told , and those stories , those compositions are now heard by universe , and when they hear it they understand that any and every thing is possible in this world if you don’t give up, if you are under rules of physics which are waiting to broken…….


do you have any beautiful tones you want to share ? please share yours in comment section i would love to read them

via Daily Prompt: Symphony

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